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Fine Art Bourse: Cuban Art The Next Big Thing As USA Extends The Hand Of Friendship

Arte culinario 4, a huge oil on canvas created earlier this year, follows Fabelo’s familiar surrealist themes, featuring his classic naked bird women. Colourful and lively, the 200 x 235 cm painting carries an estimate of $60,000-80,000.

Fine Art Bourse: Cuban art the next big thing as USA extends the hand of friendship.

Artwork of the Week – Andy Warhol’s Uncle Sam

Myths: Uncle Sam FS II.259 - Andy Warhol, 1981

Myths: Uncle Sam FS II.259 – Andy Warhol, 1981

Artist: Andy Warhol

Title: Uncle Sam FS II.259

Medium: Screenprint with Diamond Dust on Lenox Museum Board

Size: 38 x 38 inches

Year: 1981

Edition: of 200

“Uncle Sam” is 1 of 10 screenprints from the “Myths Suite” portfolio. In the “Myths” suite Andy Warhol  features 10 very well known fictional figures.  Some would call Andy Warhol the founding father of pop art. Some would call him genius. What ever you call him, his works are some of the most sought after and the auction records speak for themselves. “Today, he is regarded as one of the most prominent artists of the twentieth century, contributing not only thousands of works of art that are housed in museums and collections worldwide but also an iconic style that would impact the art market and artists alike for decades. His works have been exhibited in over two thousand exhibitions, including retrospectives at The Gagosian Gallery, New York, NY (2008); MusĂ©e National d´Art Moderne, Paris, France (1990); and The Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL (1989).”

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