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What is a COA and why are they important?

Find peace in mind knowing when you shop at GallArt.com that the artwork you purchase is genuine and always comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 12.48.22 PMWhat Is a Certificate of Authenticity?

A Certificate of Authenticity is a bit like an artwork’s birth certificate, passport and quality guarantee all rolled into one.

Essentially, a COA is a document, created by the artist or someone who is an expert on the artist, which accompanies an artwork and contains all the information a collector could need to verify if the piece of art is genuine.

A Certificate of Authenticity (COA) provides a lot of concrete detail about a piece, but by existing for a particular piece, it says even more. An artwork that has a COA is one that is made by a professional practicing artist, not an amateur. It is a piece that has collectible value. The Certificate adds a tangible credibility to the work. It can help the work hold its value.

The COA is held to be an indirect promise of quality. Art pieces that have a COA have usually been made by an artist who cares about their work, its longevity and their collectors. The piece is likely to have been created from the best materials available, be designed to last and been created by an expert. Back to the concrete details, the Certificate will provide all the information on the medium(s) of the piece needed for conservation that might otherwise be lost forever.

Certificates protect the artist and the buyer by helping to prove that an artwork is original. Cheap copies sold without an artist’s knowledge or consent is unfortunately common. Without a COA attached, this situation makes it next to impossible for the buyer to be confident of the value of the piece or for the artist to maintain their credibility and their livelihood.

As an art collector, you really must only buy Fine Art pieces that are backed by a Certificate of Authenticity. This helps ensure that what you have bought at a premium is genuine and not counterfeit.

Happy Memorial Day From GallArt.com

For All Those Who Have Served and Are Currently Serving, Thank You. Happy Memorial Day from GallArt.com! Head on over to GallArt.com & our eBay store for our Memorial Day Sale!

Peter Max, Flag with Heart - 1991

Peter Max, Flag with Heart – 1991

Peter Max, Flag - 2013

Peter Max, Flag – 2013

Dave McGary, Strikes with Thunder - 1989

Dave McGary, Strikes with Thunder – 1989

GallArt.com Make an Offer No Reasonable Offer Refused

Head over to GallArt.com to see the amazing collection we have available.

Head over to GallArt.com to see the amazing collection we have available.

Robert Cottingham, Hot - 2009

Robert Cottingham, Hot – 2009

Sam Francis, Untitled - 1984

Sam Francis, Untitled – 1984

Jim Dine, The Bather - 2005

Jim Dine, The Bather – 2005

Robert Rauschenberg , Cage - 1983

Robert Rauschenberg , Cage – 1983

Salvador Dali, Tristan & Isolde - 1972

Salvador Dali, Tristan & Isolde – 1972

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Head over to GallArt.com to see all that we have to offer.

Head over to GallArt.com to see all that we have to offer.


Keith Haring – Pop Shop Quad I, 1987

17 x 19.5 inches, Screen print - 2013 152/1000

Andy Warhol (Sunday B. Morning) – Dollar Sign, 2013

Love, 1971

Peter Max – Love, 1971


Robert Indiana – Love Suite

Sage, 2013

Peter Max – Sage, 2013

Cuba Possibly To Host First Show From An American Museum

National Fine Arts Museum in Havana. Photo: Miss Bono, via Wikipedia.

National Fine Arts Museum in Havana. Photo: Miss Bono, via Wikipedia.

New York artists could make a splash at next year’s Havana Biennial (May 22–June 22, 2015), as the Bronx Museum is reportedly in talks with National Fine Arts Museum in Havana to plan the first exhibition in Cuba by a US museum. According to the Art Newspaper, the potential exchange would see Cuban artists receive an exhibition in the Bronx in 2016.

Preparing for its 12th edition, the Havana Biennial was founded in 1984 as the Bienal de la Habana. In the intervening years, it expanded from its initial mission of showing only Latin American and Caribbean artists to showcasing other “non-Western” artists from Africa and Asia as well. The most recent event, in 2012, saw a grand total of 45 countries represented, including a number of European artists, and yes, one from the US.

Although the US still maintains its long-standing trade embargo against Cuba, those sanctions do not include art. Additionally, travel restrictions on Americans visiting Cuba became less strict in 2009, allowing arts professionals from the States to visit the island nation more freely.

Culture plays an important role in “breaking barriers imposed by governments that have nothing to do with the will of the artists” said National Fine Arts Museum in Havana director Ana Cristina Perera in a recent speech, according to the EFE news agency. Perera was delivering the opening remarks for the museum’s current exhibition, “African American Artists and Abstraction,” which features nine American artists, and saw some 80 American artists, curators, and intellectuals in attendance for the opening.

While she was not discussing the potential collaboration between the Havana and Bronx museums, Perera’s remarks are illustrative of a desire within the Cuban art community to improve its dialogue with the US, a goal which the Bronx Museum’s participation in the Havana Biennial would certainly advance. (Via artnet News)

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Wifredo Lam // KCHO  // Ferdie Pacheco // Tito // Fernando Perez

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Head overt to GallArt.com for Our End of Summer Deals

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