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Custom framing enhances and preserves the high quality of your favorites moments and pieces of fine art.

April 6, 2018

You create and collect memories throughout life of special events, such as school plays, graduations, vacations with family, weddings, birthdays, major work milestones, your favorite team’s jerseys and other meaningful life events. These memories with the people you love, you like to photograph and display on your walls at home or office. If you are an art lover, you like to collect artworks throughout the year.

Now, why custom frame your memories and your art collection?

The damage that artworks and high resolution photographs can suffer due to the ultraviolet light is avoidable with proper framing. The ultraviolet light lowers the quality of your photographs and arts. An important factor of custom framing is that it uses a special UV glass to protect your high quality pieces, ensuring its longevity.  Additionally, it helps your set of photographs and collection of art look much more captivating.  Due to all the possible colors and designs, you can ensure the aesthetic balance within your spaces. Custom framing helps you relive time after time, the pleasant feelings of your treasured moments and arts in a highly exquisite and magnified way.

frame mouldings sample

Here are a few samples of the most popular framing selections from the thousands of combinations available. To find out more, call Gallery Art’s custom framing experts today.

Unique and professional framing options

To uniquely design your frames to match each given space, you have many possibilities. One popular example of custom framing is the “floater frame”. This type of framing displays the full surface of a picture or artwork printed on canvas in such a way that it appears to “float” inside it, without touching. Besides giving you a full view of the image, it adds a three-dimensional touch to it, catching the attention of many eyes.

Another alternative to ensure your memories and art pieces are a center of attraction, is to mat them properly inside the frame. A mat provides a buffer between your photograph and what surrounds it, allowing the eye to see it with fewer distractions. Mat framing, as well as floater framing, can be ordered in a wide array of colors and be cut to fit any size photo or artwork.

Every piece has its unique needs for reasons of enhancement and preservation. Conserving the high quality of your pieces, with museum quality standard frames will help them last a lifetime.

For more information, email or call 305.932.6166. Gallery Art’s custom framing experts can help you determine the best kind for your type of art or photograph.

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CUSTOM FRAMING ADGallery Art’s Professional In-House Custom Framing Department offers only the best in custom framing. We can work with you over the phone or email to find the best framing choice for you. You can even view our Live Framing Camera to help make your choice! The framed artwork we offer at Gallery Art is only and always framed to museum quality standards.

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