Investing In Art

When investing in art, patience is the key.

Investing in art can be a tricky business. The idea is to invest your money with an artist that you think might blossom and whose prices will eventually rise and increase the value of your investment. In so many ways it is a gamble, but the good kind. It is not only a way to increase the value of your dollar but also a way to latch onto a moment in time and ride it into the future. You put down your chip and say “Now I will quietly watch the passing of time and marvel in what it reveals.” Does the artist flourish, or do they fade away? Does the market move away from your choice or suddenly veer closer? Do events transpire that change the course of the artist’s life and her work?

If you are patient, you may find your decisions pay off handsomely and that you are the owner of artwork from a once obscure artist who is now world famous. Or, one day, you might scratch your head when your artwork, from an artist you have long forgotten, suddenly skyrockets in value because the work has found a new audience. Or maybe your investment will be worth nothing more than the pleasure it gives you hanging on your wall. Investing in art is an investment in the possibilities of time and in having a stake in those possibilities.

Watch this video on how a $1K investment turned into $3 million in just 40 short years. And if you’re looking for some pieces to put your chips on, visit our gallery.