Graduation is such and exciting time!

Whether it’s a family member or a friend, what better way to celebrate those special moments than with a beautiful custom frame design.

Set the stage for framing success this celebratory season with a graduation-themed display…or maybe two!

Here are some examples to try:

Traditional Diploma Display:

This classic custom framed work will always be in demand during this time of year. Show a variety of options by highlighting different frame styles beyond the basic black frame, and incorporate unique matboards or add some coordinating accessories.

  1. Diplomas are typically printed on an off-white or taupe card-stock. Tie in some color with school hues in fillets and matboards.
  2. Stop by the local school in your neighborhood and grab some school spirit! Foam fingers, pom-poms, or school caps are great options. Place them alongside the diploma to really celebrate the occasion.

Picture Perfect Photo Display:

The toss of the caps, the walk across the stage, group photos with friends and professors, there are so many choices! Grab examples of the best of the best and create inspiring examples for your window.

  1. A good mix of family and friends, class shots, or solo shots of the graduate make a great display. Show variety so your clients easily visualize what would work for them.
  2. Pair photos with a diploma, graduation cap, or folded robe as an accessory/

Also, your graduation display could be a great place to show “good, better, best” options during this exciting time of year!


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