Jim Dine turns 80 years young today. Born in Cincinnati, Ohio on this day in 1935. The importance and influence of Jim Dine & his art would be imperative to the Pop Art movement. He has also been considered as a key player in the Neo-Dada movement. His first respect as an artist was earned during his Happenings. After that, Jim went on to do many solo shows. As a highly respected & collected artist you can find permanent collections of his work in the Guggenheim, MOMA, British Museum, The Met, Smithsonian, Tate Gallery & Whitney Museum.

Below are some works by Jim Dine anyone can appreciate – see our full inventory here at GallArt.com:

A Heart at the Opera - Jim Dine, 1983

A Heart at the Opera – Jim Dine, 1983

The Bather - Jim Dine, 2005

The Bather – Jim Dine, 2005

Imprint from Dorian Gray's Stomach - Jim Dine

Imprint from Dorian Gray’s Stomach – Jim Dine