The popular expressionist painting that broke price records, at auction (appx. $119,922,500) earlier this year, has a new home; at least for the next six months. The Museum of Modern Art proudly announces the display of this iconic piece by expressionist artist Edvard Munch:

“The work will go on display at MoMA for six months, starting Oct. 24. Its owner is believed to be private equity giant Leon Black, a trustee on the boards of both MoMA and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. MoMA has not, however, confirmed any details about the source of its loan.” (via LA Times)

Interestingly, the frame of the piece has an hand-painted poem inscribed onto the piece.

“Jeg gik bortover veien med to venner solen gik ned himmelen blev blodig rød – jeg stoppet på gjerdet, og når blodet og ildtunger over den blå-svart fjorden og byen – mine venner gik videre –  jeg blev tilbage skjelvende av angst – jeg følte der store skrig naturen.”

Which roughly translates into:

“I went along the road with two friends, the sun setting and the sky became blood-red – (I paused on the fence) when the blood and tongues of fire cast above the blue-black fjord and the city – my friends walked on – I stood there trembling with anxiety – I felt was the large wild scream of nature”

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