Pablo Picasso and Marcel Duchamp

“If only we could pull out our brain and use only our eyes.” – Pablo Picasso 

“I was interested in ideas, not in visual products. I wanted to put painting again in the service of the mind.” – Marcel Duchamp

The Modern Museum at Stockholm, Moderna Museet, will open a new exhibition tomorrow entitled “He Was Wrong”.

In the exhibition Picasso/Duchamp “He Was Wrong”, Moderna Museet in Stockholm is exhibiting the two giants Pablo Picasso and Marcel Duchamp together for the first time. They are often regarded as the two most influential artists of the 20th century – Picasso, who personified the modernist painter, and Duchamp, the indifferent ironist and chess genius, who challenged painting and transformed art into a maze of intellectual amusements. Now, visitors to Moderna Museet have a unique opportunity to witness this battle of giants and see where it leads.

The exhibition runs from August 25th 2012 to March 3rd 2013 in Stockholm.

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