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Each first week of December, Miami becomes the favorite meeting place for the international art world crowd. Once again, Miami Art Week took over the city, gathering world’s top gallerists, artists, curators, collectors and enthusiasts.

From everyone at Gallery Art we want to thank all of you that were able to join us this year! Here are a few photos from this year’s show:








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LeRoy Neiman (American, 1921‚Äď2012)

Here are 7 facts about LeRoy Neiman:

  1. Neiman was an American artist who blended a Pop Art sensibility with impressionistic brushwork and vibrant color.
  2. He once said, ‚ÄúI do not depart from the colors borrowed from life‚ÄĚ, ‚ÄúBut I use color to emphasize the scent, the spirit, and the feeling of the thing I‚Äôve experienced.”
  3. His prints and paintings of sporting events, leisure activities, and movie characters like Rocky were published in magazines such as Playboy.
  4. Born LeRoy Runquist on June 8, 1921 in St. Paul, MN, the painter enrolled briefly at the St. Paul School of Art and then at the Art Institute of Chicago after having served in the US military.
  5. During his life he sometimes performed on television, captivating audiences by drawing or painting portraits live on air.
  6. The prolific and popular artist donated a substantial donation to Columbia University School of the Arts in 1995, which helped to create its LeRoy Neiman Center for Print Studies.
  7. Neiman died on June 20, 2012 in New York, NY at the age of Today, the artist‚Äôs works are held in the collections of the Art Institute of Chicago, the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, D.C., and the Indianapolis Museum of Art, among others. 






A compilation of some of Neima’s popular prints and paintings available at Gallery Art.


To see more of his stunning fine art works, visit 

At Gallery Art we carry many of Leroy Neiman’s¬†famous artworks. You can visit our 8,000 Sq. Ft. showroom located in¬†Aventura, Florida¬†or¬†¬†to see them up close and personal. (All artwork listed on¬†¬†is available for a¬†LIVE viewing).

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Gallery Art hosts Business & Networking Chamber of Commerce Breakfast Meeting


The Aventura and North Miami Chamber hosted its Monthly Breakfast Meeting and Business Card Exchange at the vibrant 8,000 Sq.ft Gallery Art Showroom, as over 50 Aventura and North Miami Marketing Council/Chamber of Commerce members arrived to enjoy the camaraderie over a beautiful and delicious breakfast.



We were delighted to have share with the cities’ entrepreneurs this wonderful event!

Gallery Art, 20633 Biscayne Blvd. Aventura, Florida 33180, is recognized for having the largest contemporary fine art collection in South Florida.

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One of the Most Famous Men of the 20th Century, an Art Icon, with a Trademark Mustache and Unique Personality has a Birthday Today!

This iconic surrealist artist, writer, scientist, jewelry designer, a true showman,¬†enjoyed being known for his bizarre, creative and eccentric personality traits wherever he would go! Today, in honor of¬†Salvador Dali’s¬†birthday, Gallery Art is sharing with you part of his life and legacy to the fine art world!

Here are 5 Fun Facts About Salvador Dali:

1.¬†He believed he was the reincarnation of his brother –¬†Before Dali was born, his mother gave birth to another child, also called Salvador Dali, who passed away at 22 months old. When Dali was 5 years old, his parents informed him of their belief that he was the reincarnation of his brother.¬†


2. Called “Avida Dollars” (avaricious) within the art community – Dali was renowned for his love of making money. For instance, Dali had a novel way of avoiding restaurant bills. He frequently invited large groups of friends out for expensive lunches. When it came time to pay, Dali would cheerfully write a check for the full amount. Why cheerfully? Because he knew the waiter would be looking, moment when he would casually doodle on the back of the check, knowing that nobody in their right mind would ever cash a check with an original sketch by Salvador Dali on it! So the check would go uncashed, and Dali would get away with not paying the bill.¬†


A Salvador Dali’s compilation showing 10 of his surrealist pieces available at Gallery Art. To see these and many others, visit¬†

3. Stunt man –¬†Aside from being an artist, writer, scientist, and whatever he decided to be when he woke up in the morning, Dali was a showman! For example, in 1955, he arrived at a speech in a Rolls-Royce full of cauliflowers because he was fascinated by their shape.¬†


4. Dali’s Inspiration –¬†His artistic experimentation culminated in what became known as Surrealism. Dali manifested characters and settings in subconscious realities inspired by Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalytic theories. Dali had a rare gift in decoding images from his dreams and inserting them in places that could exist in the real world, leaving viewers confused but ever more intrigued!


5.¬†Salvador Dali’s Foundation & Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida – After a business partnership separation, Dali lost rights to a majority of his works and much of his wealth, consequently, his wife founded “Friends of Dali” and “The Salvador Dali Museum”, in St. Petersburg, Florida to raise money. To date, his most expensive painting sold is also the most expensive Surrealist work of art in the world: the $22.4M “Portrait de Paul Eluard”, featuring his friend and Surrealist poet Paul Eluard. Additionally, Salvador Dali designed a collection of 39 pieces of jewelry, with “The Royal Heart”, as its central piece, being later sold to the Dali Foundation for 5.5M euros (nearly $7M in 1999). He had lots of famous friends he liked hanging out with too, including Elvis Presley, John Lennon, David Bowie, Pablo Picasso, Alice Cooper and even Sigmund Freud.¬†

Surely, Salvador Dali accomplished more than his most heartfelt desire of being remembered by the people he met; he not only left a huge legacy to those that knew him personally, but to all the generations to come! Happy Birthday to Salvador Dali!

If you are interested in purchasing one of this iconic artist’s fine art works or to see more of them, please visit¬†At Gallery Art we carry many of Salvador Dali’s most famous artworks. You can visit our 8,000 Sq. Ft. showroom located in¬†Aventura, Florida¬†or¬†¬†to see them up close and personal. (All artwork listed on¬†¬†is available for a¬†LIVE viewing).

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It’s Almost Mother’s Day! Surprise Her with Fine Art

It’s Almost Mother’s Day! Gallery Art is pleased to share with you some of the most heartfelt paintings on sale. Surprise her with the perfect gift!¬†¬†#MothersDayGifts




If you would like to purchase one of these heartfelt paintings on sale or any fine art from our website, please email us at or call 305.932.6166.


Thank you, 

Gallery Art

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10 Facts About Peter Max

Peter Max has made a name for himself in today’s modern world. Recognized as a Pop culture icon who has been turning heads since his 1965 cover photo for LIFE Magazine. Max is one of the most popular among all living American artists, with a history that is as colorful as his paintings!

Here are 10 Fun Facts about this Unique Artist and Illustrator:

1. While Peter Max was born in Germany, his parents took him from his birthplace and moved him to Shanghai, China to escape from the Holocaust. He spent the first 10 years of his life there, living in a pagoda-style house that was situated amongst a Buddhist monastery, a Sikh temple, and many Viennese Cafes. He also lived in Africa and Europe before finally settling in the U.S.



A Peter Max compilation showing 10 of his incredible pieces available at Gallery Art. To see these and hundreds of others visit


2. If Peter Max had a second career choice he would be an Astronomer. “If I didn’t choose art, I would have become an astronomer… I became fascinated with the vast distances in space as well as the vast world within the atom.”


3. Max was commissioned by the U.S. Postal Service to create the first 40 cent stamp. Additionally, his artwork entitled “Preserve the Environment” was used for the first 10 cent U.S. postage stamp.


4. On July 4th, 1976 Max began his annual July 4th tradition of painting a large portrait of the Statue of Liberty, this is still a custom that he continues to this day.


5. During the 1980’s Max was personally impacted by working backstage at the Live Aid Concert. He was so inspired by this cause he quickly began a series of works call the “Better World Series”. The painting called “I Love the World” depicts an angel embracing the planet.


6. Max has had the honor of painting six U.S. Presidents portraits (Carter, Ford, Bush, Reagan, Clinton and Obama) along with many other commissions for the White House.


7. In 1990, Max bought a collection of 36 Corvettes dating from 1956 to 1986, one for each year they were made. The entire collection cost Max about $5M. He intended to paint them all with his signature colors but never finished the project.


8. For the United Nation’s 50th Anniversary, Max created a series of fifty paintings in many bright color combinations of the landmark U.N. building.


9. Max was the official artist for the 31st annual Grammy Awards. 


10. Max previously painted portraits of pop artists and Voice judges Gwen Stephanie, Pharrell Williams, Blake Sheldon and Adam Levine. He has also painted portraits of pop sensation Taylor Swift, based on the debut of her 2008 album “Speak Now”.¬†


These facts show that hanging a Max’s piece is hanging a piece of history in your home or office! At Gallery Art we carry hundreds of¬†Peter Max’s most unique and famous artworks. You can visit our 8,000 Sq. Ft. showroom located in Aventura, Florida or to see them up close and personal. (All artwork listed on¬†¬†is available for a LIVE viewing).


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FBI recovers stolen Marc Chagall painting 30 years after heist

Along-lost Marc Chagall painting, stolen almost 30 years ago, has been recovered from the attic of a man connected to Bulgarian organized crime, according to new court filings.


Personnel from the FBI’s Art Crime Team handling the recovered Chagall painting, “Othello and Desdemona.”¬†Credit:¬†FBI

The artwork “Othello and Desdemona,” which was taken from a New York apartment during a heist in 1988, was retrieved in Maryland by the FBI’s¬†Art Crime Team¬†after the man himself alerted investigators to its whereabouts.

Depicting characters from Shakespeare’s “Othello,” the 1911 painting was one of a number of artworks stolen from the Manhattan home of Ernest and Rose Heller, art collectors who have since passed away. According to news reports from the time, the couple also lost jewelry, sculptures, silverware and carpets in the heist. It was “a lifetime of collecting,” Ernest¬†told UPI news agency¬†after the robbery.


The artwork “Othello and Desdemona,” which was taken from a New York apartment during a heist in 1988. A label, found on the back of the painting, says that artwork was exhibited at the Kunsthaus Zurich museum in Switzerland.¬†Credit:¬†FBI

“It was an inside job,” said Art Crime Team investigator Marc Hess, in¬†an FBI news release. “A person who had regular access to the building was stealing from apartments while the tenants were away.”


The recovered “Othello and Desdemona” was created during the early part of Chagall’s career.¬†Credit:¬†FBI

After finding a potential buyer, the man discovered that the thief intended to cut him out of the deal, so he kept the painting, court papers say. It was then stored in an attic for almost three decades in a homemade wooden box marked “Misc. High School artwork.”It is understood that the man attempted, on more than one occasion, to sell the painting to a Washington, D.C. gallery. Suspicious of the lack of authentication documents, the gallery’s owner suggested that the seller call law enforcement.

According to the¬†New York Times, the Maryland man is 72 and suffering from a terminal illness. The paper quotes Hess as saying that the decision to involve the FBI was “partially motivated by his imminent demise.”

Painting set for auction

Chagall, a Franco-Russian artist of Belarusian heritage, is considered to be a pioneer of the modernist movement. His paintings have previously attracted large sums at auction, with the 1928 work “Les Amoureux”¬†selling for more than $28 million¬†last year – an auction record for the artist.The recovered “Othello and Desdemona,” which was created during the early part of Chagall’s career, is expected to sell for significantly less. Nonetheless, preliminary estimates place the artwork’s value between $700,000 and $900,000, according to Christopher Marinello of Art Recovery International, the firm representing the insurance company that paid out on the initial theft. “We really need to assess the condition of the work,” he said in a phone interview. “It looks a little bit roughed up (in photos) but it’s still in much, much better shape than we expected.

“It’s clearly an early work, and I don’t want to disparage the painting in any way, but it’s not my favorite. But I’m sure – given that it has such an incredible provenance and incredible history – that it will find a happy home.”

Federal prosecutors are now set to return the painting to the Heller family. After being assessed by the Chagall Committee, the organization that controls the artist’s estate, the painting will then be auctioned off, Marinello said. Some of the proceeds are expected to go to the insurance company – which, at the time of the theft, paid approximately $100,000 to the victims – as well as to non-profit groups supported by the family’s estate.

With the statute of limitations now expired, no charges are expected against the thief or the Maryland man, neither of whom are named in court filings. The man suspected of stealing the painting has already been convicted of crimes “related to the theft and sale of other works of art stolen from other apartment buildings,” according to court documents.

“As the FBI returns this painting to the estate of its proper owners, we do so with the purpose of preserving history,” said bureau official Nancy McNamara, in a Department of Justice news¬†statement. “This piece of artwork is of significance not just for its monetary value, but for its place in the world of art and culture.”

Marinello commended the FBI and US Attorney’s Office for pursuing the case beyond the statute of limitations. “Obviously law enforcement agencies like to get arrests, and that’s not always possible in a 30-year-old case, which is why many (of them) dismiss these very cold cases,” he said. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t still victims.

“For the FBI and the Justice Department to aid those victims 30 years later is just astounding. And it sends a very clear message to criminals everywhere that you can’t relax and rest if you’re in possession of stolen works of art.”

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Sources: artnet news, CNN  




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